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Founded by Alice, co-author of The Style of CoworkingWild Folk Coworking is a creative shared workspace located in the heart of Lewes, a South Downs National Park town in East Sussex. 

Coworking means more than just renting a desk space, it’s a philosophy and it’s changing the way we do business forever and for the better
— Alice

‘A well designed place for inspiring work to be created’
— William Hardie, Channel 4, George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

What exactly is coworking though? 

'In recent years, the important role that the physical working enironment plays in allowing for greater creatively and effectiveness has started to be recognised. Nowhere is this more evident than through an emerging alternative work style called coworking, which is set to have a profound effect on what we consider a workplace to be.

Coworking spaces are shared workspaces that bring together diverse groups of individuals and startup companies….They are made up of people who could potentially work in isolation, in a home office or cafe, but who understand the huge value and power of collaboration: from change encounters, conversations over coffee, eating lunch together or being connected through events organised within the spaces or by the hosts of their chosen space.'  

The Style of Coworking, Alice Davies and Kathryn Tollervey

London Evening Standard interview

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Image: House in Woods sculpture by Emma Carlow