The HUB Westminster


I was invited to The HUB Westminster in London last week to present a talk on the benefits of coworking, the future of coworking and why collaboration is key to growing your business. Which all ties in with our book, The Style of Coworking.

What always strikes me when I walk into a coworking space is the array of different talent all housed within one room. There could be one person to your left working on renewable energy systems and another person to your right designing the interiors to a new store, or over in the corner is a footwear designer and in the other corner sits the founder for a new app that's taking the kids world by storm.

Coworking spaces truly do fast-track you to connect with people that could potentially boost your business to a whole new level or simply offer a friendly passing hello that helps you feel connected and reassured you are amongst like-minded folk.

A special mention goes to The People's Supermarket, you guys are awesome and your food was incredible, thank you.