Ideas into objects

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The very wonderful Leigh Hodgkinson was up here the other day and I happened to glance over to where she was sitting and saw a very beautiful illustration on her screen, 'I wish I could draw like that' was my only thought!

I saw Leigh again this week at the Artists & Makers annual event in Lewes and she was selling some of her designs and look what I spotted… the very illustration she created while sitting here at Wild Folk she'd made into a laser cut sculpture, how cool is that.

What really struck me was seeing the process of going from an idea to being able to hold that idea as a physical object. The object is small but the analogy is big. Anyone can go from an idea in their heads to seeing, touching, making real their ideas, we all have that potential. But how do we reach that potential if we want to? Well, that's another blog post, but I guess that's the first step, do you really want to, I mean really want to? You might fancy coming to my next talk: Make Things Happen