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This is a practical and inspiring workshop designed to help you through the first essential stage of finding a new career.

This workshop will guide you through a process of figuring out what you really want and how to create the appropriate goals to drive you forward.

What you will learn:

  • Discover how to identify your values and how to use your values to underpin good career decisions and find out what motivates you
  • Identify what type of working environment is right for your happiness and wellbeing
  • A clear way of figuring out what career is really the career you want
  • See your career options from a fresh perspective 
  • Have a better understanding of yourself, which means you can authentically create a list of your career ‘must haves’ and ‘deal breakers’
  • Know how to network better so that you can open the way to potential new career opportunities  
  • Leave with a specific action plan and tangible next steps so you can get on the road towards doing work you love

This workshop would be well suited to you if you are:

  • Ready to make positive changes
  • Not sure what you want to do next
  • Feel stuck with no ideas – or too many ideas – about what your new career should be
  • At the start of thinking about a career change
  • Open to understanding that the answer to your new career is going to take some ‘me’ work, research and planning

Tutor: Alice Davies - creative consultant, career, business and life coach, author, founder and director of Wild Folk. 


'I had been unhappy in my career for over a year but I had no idea how to make a change. Alice gave me time and space to focus on defining my skills, values and needs; look at all the career options available to me and then narrow it down to a direction and plan of action. Before the course had even finished I was well on my way to making some big changes that would not have happened without her tremendous insight and support. I am beyond grateful that I found Alice. She strikes the perfect balance between being very professional and very approachable. Working with her was like working with a good friend who took time to understand me, really cared about my journey and had my best interests at heart'. Kate Hill

'The whole process has been so valuable and Alice has been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. I've looked forward to each session and have been inspired and energised after each one. Alice understands the connection and crossovers between work, life and business and manages to keep you on a clear path of discovery and reflection with each aspect, I don't know how she does it!' Sian O'Donnell

(you might like to know that the ticket price for this 3-hour workshop is less than the price of a 1-hour career coaching session)

If you have any questions please email Alice at: